Racetrack at RascalFlats


Varmints is one of our four 4×4 (each 4×4 is 16 regions without borders)  on Wellspring on a Pro Server on DigiWorldz. As of April 19, 2022 we have only a couple of region size parcels available for development on Varmints. Visit Varmints and if you have a great idea and the virtual world skills to build it, drop a notecard with your proposal on Alexina Proctor inworld. There is no charge for the region for those with proven skills. It must be family friendly.

Pra and Alexina vardos
Vardos in Vardo Camp on Varmints varregion


  • Rascal
    — a fun place for Tinies of all shapes and sizes up to knee high. Free homes and Tiny avatars. For details see https://metaversepeers.com/rascalflats/.
  • Steam City — home of the gathering place Thirsty Varmint Tavern — Snoots Dwagon is looking for a personable tavern manager. Steam City also has a freebie store, free shops to rent, and Gallerie Modee.
  • Vardo Camp — a place for gpysies and travelers to park their vardo and join in this small community.  Join the Gypsies and Travelers group on DigiWorldz.