Harbor cafe


Wellspring Uptown is one of four 4×4 VARs (a 4×4 VAR is 16 regions/sims without border crossings) in the Wellspring world.

  • Uptown shopping area with a freebie store. There are several stores still available for merchandise, an art gallery or something else. Several of our merchants use the stores as a showcase of their work and link their vendors to their online store on the Kitely Market.
    • DragonForge – merchant Snoots Dwagon – has Kitely Market store
    • Loose Cannon Shipyards – merchant Modee Parlez – has Kitely Market store
    • Featherburr – merchants Prax Maryjasz and Alexina Proctor
    • Proctor Photography  – by Alexina Proctor – for sale, unframed
    • Freebie store
    • Fine Art store – merchant Prax Maryjasz – framed fine art reproductions for sale
  • Residential area with modern homes and roads
  • Wellspring Yacht Club – under development May 4, 2022
  • Wellspring Airport – under development May 4, 2022