Sendalonde is one of four 4×4 VARs (a 4×4 VAR is 16 regions/sims without sim boundaries) on our grid-in-a-grid setup on a Pro Server on the DigiWorldz grid.  We refer to the whole as Wellspring.

  • It is the home of the renowned Sendalonde Community Library that opened in 2011 on the now defunct InWorldz grid.  The library also houses a small stage rebuilt by Snoots Dwagon for live performances. We are looking for a volunteer Director for plays and a Producer for who wishes to join our group to coordinate performances.
  • Wellspring Terraport Center teleport signs for our most visited locations on Wellspring.

    Terraport center
    Terraport Center to right when facing library
  • Museum of Metaverse Art — A collection of art pieces from many different grids collected by Prax Maryjasz and Alexina Proctor. 
  • Welcome Center — under development as of April 19, 2022. This is where we will have selectable avatars and information for new residents to our grid-in-a-grid. We will have a direct login to this location.
  • There is a larger standalone theater under reconstruction. The architecture matches the Sendalonde Community Library and both were initially built for us by master builder Strand Starsider.
  • Ice Rink — year-round ice skating rink with free ice skates.

    View of Woodland Hills ice skating pind
    Woodland Hills ice skating pond on Sendalonde.