Rascal Flats

Rascal Flats is a tinies town located on Varmints in Digiworldz grid, and is part of the Wellsprings “grid-in-a-grid”. Rascal Flats is a home for Dwagons, Dinkies, Tinies, Weefolk and other critters. We offer free homes and avatars to tinies who wish to join us. Snoots Dwagon is the organizer and “Ossifer in charge” (main contact for Rascals).

Visit Rascal Flats by using the following grid address: <login.digiworldz.com:8002/Varmints/159/151/27>

Snoots brought over a number of wee avatars to Varmints for your use and has also created “build-your-own” kits.  Contact Snoots if you’re interested in joining this community. Any home with a rental sign is available, and wee is free… with up to 500 prims allowance for furnishings and decorations. 

Join the group Rascals for notices about events, fun and wise (according to dwagons) advice.  You can find more information on Tinies, Dinkies and other Weefolk here:


Main Attractions of Rascal Flats

  • AUTOMATED TOUR system to show you around the area in a short period of time.

  • Godzillla protecting us from nastee monsters.  (click on Godzilla)

  • Central Park with  the Ferris Wheel of Doom.  (We dunno how it got that name)

  • A large dance pavilion (for wunnerful pawties)

  • A piano recital area for classical musics and other events.

  • Pirate Cove. Home of the Rabid Pink Pirates. Nice ship display with a cardboard pirate ship so you can sail the waters of Varmints and Wellspring.

  • Giant Spider Dirt Track.  Race track with an attitude.

  • Eats Diner. Great place to hang out, chat and dance. Dance in the aisle with TWO  jukeboxes, and free cars and motorcycles to copy.

  • Rascals Sandbox.  Huge building area. Everyone is welcome.

  • The Game Hive clubhouse.  Nice place to meet, chat, and play games

  • All Things Tiny store with items from several merchants featuring tiny-related items.

    If you need instructions on how to visit, read How to Visit Rascal Flats