Path and trees on Rascal Flats

How to Visit Rascal Flats

To visit Rascal Flats you need to have an account on an Opensim grid.

Existing Members in Opensim

If you already have an account with an Opensim grid connected to the Hypergrid virtual highway, all you need do is copy this link to main chat, click ctrl-H on your browser to open the chat window, then click on the “hop link” to hyperjump directly to Rascal Flats:


New Visitors

There are a few steps involved in starting Rascal Flats for the first time.

  • Download the Firestorm Viewer. This is an app that allows you to visit the world. Link:  

Ignore the SL Viewer link.

  • Click on your operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux).
  • Choose the 64 bit version (preferred) or 32 bit if it applies to your computer.
  • Download and install the program, but do not run it yet.
  • In your browser visit
  • At the far right side click REGISTER NOW. 
  • Fill out the information on the form.
  • Follow all instructions.
  • Once you are registered, load the Firestorm Viewer.
  • Enter your avatar name and password.
  • In the Log in to Grid box, choose DigiWorldz.
  • Check Remember User Name and Remember Password.
  • Click Log in

It will take a minute or so for the system to load.

Walk using your arrow keys. Use your mouse to guide your view.

Changing Your Walk

If you wish to walk using standard WASD keys, do the following:

      • Click Avatar (upper left corner) and choose Preferences
      • Click Move & View / Movement tab / and check “Pressing letter keys affects movement”
      • Click Okay

Visiting When Already on Digiworldz

  • Click the MAP button at the bottom of your screen.
  • Enter Rascal Flats in the Find box, and click Find.
  • When you see the location pop up, click Teleport.

Welcome to Rascal Flats on DigiWorldz! This area is highly interactive.

Click the signs for information about Rascal Flats and Wee avatars. (An avatar is the visible representation of you, the character you play.) Reading now will answer a lot of questions.

Click the TOUR sign and take the quick 10-minute tour if you like. It will show you the highlights of Rascal Flats.

After the tour, feel free to check the town out on foot. It is highly interactive, offering free Wee avatars, free homes (if you decide to be a Wee and live here), a race track, and lots of things to explore.

Feel free to contact Snoots Dwagon if you have any questions.


[Page written by Snoots Dwagon.]