Fantasy & Magic

Fantasy and Magic is one of four 4×4 varregions on a Pro Server on DigiWorldz on Wellspring. As of April 18, 2022, it has several areas to delight your senses.  We are asking for applications from creative virtual world artists for up to one region to build something fantastic. Send your application to Alexina Proctor via notecard inworld. For the Fantasy and Magic varregion we are looking for fantasy and magical.

Hogwarts Greathall with fairy dance circle
Hogwarts Great Hall with fairy dance circle
  • Once Upon A Time — a fabulous storybook area created by Dawn Greymyst. Her highlight is the Hogwarts Great Hall. A lot of surprises are inside the building. Wander around the beautifully landscaped grounds to visit a gingerbread house and other fun creations.
  • Tuna Oddfellow’s Castle — this is where he will perform magic and light shows.
  • Alexina’s Castle — under development.