Things of interest to Wellspring residents, merchants and visitors.

  • Wellspring Overview

    Overhead view of Wellspring

    Welcome Creatives! That sums up Prax Maryjasz’s and my dream for Wellspring. Wellspring is the equivalent of 64 regions (aka sims) located on the DigiWorldz grid. We started the move to DigiWorldz in late May 2021. We have 12 residents or shop owners and are looking for more creative and gentle souls. Below explains how Wellspring is laid out and our goals. On DigiWorldz we have a Pro Server that we don’t share with other regions. https://www.digiworldz.com/store/cart.php?gid=12  We are also going to have our own direct login with avatar options for new accounts. The entry point for new accounts will be Sendalonde, right next to the Terraport Center, which has TP signs…

  • Sendalonde Library Grand Opening Exhibit Catalog

    Sendalonde Community Library

    [UPDATE: April 18, 2022] This Post refers to Sendalonde on Kitely. In late May 2021 we started moving Wellspring and the library to a Pro Server on Digiworldz. The library has been rebuilt, though some of the collection of books still need importing. We will have a call for exhibit artists in the near future. On May 8, 2021 we had the Grand Opening of the Sendalonde Community Library & Theater on Wellspring on the Kitely grid. At the same time, we had the first performance in the Sendalonde Theater and had our first exhibit Shipwrights of Kitely. Below is the exhibit catalog with a few snapshots from our two…

  • Wellspring on Kitely

    [Update April 18, 2022] This is an historical blog post. We have moved Wellspring to a Pro Server “grid-within-a-grid” model partitioned into four 4×4 varregions. We still have the same things, but have resources for much more. when we rebuilt, we reorganized and improved. We are looking for virtual world creative builders who are interested in being part of our growth. That is, do you have an idea that you would like to implement? Send Alexina a notecard and we will discuss it at the next board meeting.  Wellspring is a 64-region world of contrasts. There are Victorian, Steampunk, Fantasy, two regions for Weefolk, a vardo camp, long tunnels and caves, and an underwater fantasy.…