Weefolk Township

Postings about Weefolk Township on Wellspring world on Kitely grid.

  • What’s Up At Weefolk Township?

    Dance Pavillion

    This post refers to what is now Rascal Flats on our new grid location. Ossifer Snoots Dwagon is still in charge. He has been working hard to add even more exciting fun to this community. Rides! Dancing! Homes to live in for free — what a deal! Free Weefolk avatars brought to you by Ossifer Snoots Dwagon! Community! Fun! Come visit us and join the Weefolk Township group if you want to hear about the parties (secret except to those who join the group). We are building a community of Weefolk. What are Weefolk you ask? According to Snoots Dwagon, “Tiny, Dinkie, Wee and Teenies are terms used for small avatars in virtual worlds,…