Sendalonde Library

Postings about the Sendalonde Community Library on Wellspring in Kitely.

  • Sendalonde Library…once again

    Left side facing library

    It took time and some pieces were lost in the move, but the Sendalonde Community Library, originally built by master builder Strand Starsider on InWorldz, is ready for you. It is located in the Hypergrid-connected region of Sendalonde on the DigiWorld grid. We are so grateful for Dawn Greymyst and Amvans Lapiz, who recreated all the books, a massive undertaking. There are more than books! We have a couple of inworld flip books of past events. There is the Dwagon Reading Room. There may be canisters of cookies hidden about the building for our Tiny visitors. The Cafe is ready. We are starting to put up posters of places you can visit in our 64 regions, on DigiWorldz and throughout the Hypergrid. We…

  • Sendalonde Library Grand Opening Exhibit Catalog

    Sendalonde Community Library

    [UPDATE: April 18, 2022] This Post refers to Sendalonde on Kitely. In late May 2021 we started moving Wellspring and the library to a Pro Server on Digiworldz. The library has been rebuilt, though some of the collection of books still need importing. We will have a call for exhibit artists in the near future. On May 8, 2021 we had the Grand Opening of the Sendalonde Community Library & Theater on Wellspring on the Kitely grid. At the same time, we had the first performance in the Sendalonde Theater and had our first exhibit Shipwrights of Kitely. Below is the exhibit catalog with a few snapshots from our two…

  • Sendalonde Community Library GRAND OPENING

    [Update April 18, 2022] This is historical. We have moved the Sendalonde Community Library to a “grid-in-a-grid” model on our own Pro Server with 64 regions on Digiworldz. We are working on getting a direct login set up. Sendalonde Community Library & Theater is having a GRAND OPENING & Shipwrights of Kitely Exhibit today starting at noon PDT. (Use for timezone conversion.) Location is on Wellspring on the Kitely grid, which is accessible from the hypergrid. 12 noon PDT: Brendan Shoreland, guitarist and folk singer opens on the Sendalonde Theater (rear of Library accessible from 1st and 2nd floors) Brendan has done over 1000 performances in Second Life and…