• OpenSim versus Second Life? Not Really

    image virtual worlds second Life or Opensim

    Sometimes we read on various forums or blogs: comments, discussions, debates or even verbal wars comparing Second Life to OpenSim (OpenSim is short for OpenSimulator). We often find comments from emotionally upset people, openly attacking one grid or another as being “better” or “worse”. But are such comments, debates and wars actually warranted? Is this a matter of Second Life versus OpenSim…or is something greater than either involved? It’s not that there isn’t anything to complain about on Second Life or OpenSim. I won’t spend time here addressing the multitudinous problems of both systems, for neither system is lacking in issues, some of them major ones. There are those…

  • Tari Tari, Jeweler, Comes To Uptown Plaza

    Image Tari's Creations shop on Uptown Plaza

    We are delighted to announce Tari Tari brought her jewelry shop Tari’s Creations to Uptown Plaza in Wellspring Uptown on DigiWorldz. She had been on DigiWorldz for nearly five years. She writes in her profile, “I am here for fun, relaxation, and of course being creative. I love being a part of Digiworldz there is so much to see and do here. How could anyone ever get bored? Check my picks for more info.” Interview Alexina: How did you get started creating and how long have you been creating? Tari: I started creating in Second Life in 2007. I first started building homes and commercial builds. I have created many things mostly for…

  • Emmalena Damour – A Major Clothes and Costume Maker

    Uptown Plaza inside EDD shop

    When I first encountered Emmalena Damour she was wearing a stunningly beautiful mermaid costume…one that she created. Her male friend was wearing a fabulous merman costume by Emmalena Damour Designs (~EDD~).  Emmalena was on Uptown Plaza to ask about leasing a shop, but as a prolific clothing and costume maker on DigiWorldz, she needed a larger shop than I had available. I quickly picked up a 1-story and put down a 2-story, which she leased. We are absolutely delighted to have this longtime clothier at Uptown Plaza. In this satellite location she sells mesh and classic clothing, swimsuits, lingerie, dresses, casual slacks and jeans, men’s suits and women’s formal gowns…

  • A Most Friendly Dwagon

    Snoots Dwagon and his 2022 awards

    Snoots Dwagon participated in Science Fiction Con 2022 (an event dedicated to Relay for Life), serving in roles including concierge and security. Snoots performed four live music shows during the event, including Irish folk music, original songs, and “Filk” (science fiction / fantasy folk songs). To his surprise at an Awards Ceremony following the Convention—an event he missed due to real life—he was presented with two awards:  “Most Friendly Person” and “Sci Fi Con Citizenship”. The Citizenship Award recognizes him as an official member of the event team. In addition to performing, he presented his AutoMonster creation at the car show (sales set to RFL) and assisted in the…

  • Snoots Dwagon does Filk!

    Snoots Dwagon in Steampunk

    Sci Fi Con starts May 18, 2022 in Second Life. Exact locations will be posted after May 10. LIVE MUSIC SHOWS BY SNOOTS DWAGON! Snoots Does Filk! (Stage 2)    Friday, May 20  2:00 – 3:00pm Snoots Does Filk! (Hub Stage)  Saturday, May 21  7:00 – 8:00pm Almost Irish with Snoots Dwagon (Stage 2)  Wednesday, May 25  11:00am – 12:00pm.  Almost Irish is a show Snoots has performed for many years, which includes “ancient traditional Irish folk songs, many of which I’ve written meself.” Snoots Does Filk! (Hub Stage) Saturday, May 28  7:00 – 8:00pm The above post was taken from http://elfclan.spruz.com/pt/UPCOMING-EVENTS/blog.htm For the definition of Filk, see above link.