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Snoots is a little dragon ("dwagon") on the virtual worlds of OSgrid, DigiWorldz, Kitely, SL, and other OpenSim-based grids. He's a virtual world creator, group organizer, builder, scripter and merchant. Joined virtual worlds in 2000, SL 2005, Inworldz 2010, OsGrid 2018, DigiWorldz 2020. Current Residence is Replicant City (high sky ElvenSong region) on OSgrid and Rascal Flats (Varmints region) on DigiWorldz. In real life builds hand-made musical instruments including unique-design electric guitars, guitar pickups, Elven flutes and 2-string Electric Cellos. Can be bribed wif cookies.

  • OpenSim versus Second Life? Not Really

    image virtual worlds second Life or Opensim

    Sometimes we read on various forums or blogs: comments, discussions, debates or even verbal wars comparing Second Life to OpenSim (OpenSim is short for OpenSimulator). We often find comments from emotionally upset people, openly attacking one grid or another as being “better” or “worse”. But are such comments, debates and wars actually warranted? Is this a matter of Second Life versus OpenSim…or is something greater than either involved? It’s not that there isn’t anything to complain about on Second Life or OpenSim. I won’t spend time here addressing the multitudinous problems of both systems, for neither system is lacking in issues, some of them major ones. There are those…

  • The Value of Virtual Worlds

    Poestry circle poems by Snoots

    I was watching an anime series and they said something that really struck me. The anime was about a photography club that was planning on hosting a public event to display their works. One of the characters said something interesting: “We enjoy photography and in our club we make friendships. But the real value of the photographs is in making people happy when they view them.” It struck me that our virtual worlds are very similar. We gain enjoyment from our friendships and projects that we create and host, but like a photograph…once it’s done we gain joy from display and events and seeing the happiness our creations bring…