Alexina has been working and creating in virtual worlds since she joined Second Life on October 6, 2006 to prepare for teaching a class of SJSU School of Information graduate students about virtual worlds. She continued on to found the Sendalonde Community Library in virtual worlds with the help of Prax Maryjasz and many others. Retired now, she loves creating and providing a virtual environment for others to enjoy and have fun.

  • Artman Xue Opens at Uptown Plaza

    Cosplay Mesh store windows

    Artman Xue opened a branch shop of Cosplay Mesh today, a store of Mesh clothing for men and women. He also makes a few Mesh costumes and Mesh avatars. His product line is also listed as created by Avatar Creator and Brandi Moonwall. When asked how long he has been creating, he said, “I’ve been creating clothes since Second Life. I joined SL on 06/27/2008. That’s 14 years as a clothing professional. But I must say that I do learn something new everyday. There’s always upgrades and better, smarter, more efficient ways of doing things. Who Is Artman Xue? My avatar is Artman Xue, my real name is Arthur…

  • A Most Friendly Dwagon

    Snoots Dwagon and his 2022 awards

    Snoots Dwagon participated in Science Fiction Con 2022 (an event dedicated to Relay for Life), serving in roles including concierge and security. Snoots performed four live music shows during the event, including Irish folk music, original songs, and “Filk” (science fiction / fantasy folk songs). To his surprise at an Awards Ceremony following the Convention—an event he missed due to real life—he was presented with two awards:  “Most Friendly Person” and “Sci Fi Con Citizenship”. The Citizenship Award recognizes him as an official member of the event team. In addition to performing, he presented his AutoMonster creation at the car show (sales set to RFL) and assisted in the…

  • Snoots Dwagon does Filk!

    Snoots Dwagon in Steampunk

    Sci Fi Con starts May 18, 2022 in Second Life. Exact locations will be posted after May 10. LIVE MUSIC SHOWS BY SNOOTS DWAGON! Snoots Does Filk! (Stage 2)    Friday, May 20  2:00 – 3:00pm Snoots Does Filk! (Hub Stage)  Saturday, May 21  7:00 – 8:00pm Almost Irish with Snoots Dwagon (Stage 2)  Wednesday, May 25  11:00am – 12:00pm.  Almost Irish is a show Snoots has performed for many years, which includes “ancient traditional Irish folk songs, many of which I’ve written meself.” Snoots Does Filk! (Hub Stage) Saturday, May 28  7:00 – 8:00pm The above post was taken from For the definition of Filk, see above link.

  • Wellspring Overview

    Map of Wellspring 2022Jun25

    Welcome Creatives! That sums up Prax Maryjasz’s and my dream for Wellspring. Wellspring is the equivalent of 64 regions (aka sims) located on the DigiWorldz grid. We started the move to DigiWorldz in late May 2021. We are looking for more creative and gentle souls. Below explains how Wellspring is laid out and our goals. On DigiWorldz we have a Pro Server that we don’t share with other regions.  We refer to the whole world as Wellspring.  Wellspring is broken into four 4×4 varregions. A 4×4 varregion is the equivalent of 16 regions (sims), but without sim boundaries. With four 4×4 VARS we have the equivalent of 64 regions that…

  • Sendalonde Library…once again

    Left side facing library

    It took time and some pieces were lost in the move, but the Sendalonde Community Library, originally built by master builder Strand Starsider on InWorldz, is ready for you. It is located in the Hypergrid-connected region of Sendalonde on the DigiWorld grid. We are so grateful for Dawn Greymyst and Amvans Lapiz, who recreated all the books, a massive undertaking. There are more than books! We have a couple of inworld flip books of past events. There is the Dwagon Reading Room. There may be canisters of cookies hidden about the building for our Tiny visitors. The Cafe is ready. We are starting to put up posters of places you can visit in our 64 regions, on DigiWorldz and throughout the Hypergrid.…

  • Once Upon A Time – A fantasy region

    Image of Hogwarts Great Hall

    Once Upon A Time is a beautiful region on Wellspring on the DigiWorldz grid. The region was created by Dawn Greymyst, who is well known for her realistic builds on virtual worlds. We are honored that she created this wonderful storybook land on a region on our Fantasy and Magic 4×4 varregion. There are direction signs throughout the region. Click a sign for a notecard  that gives out the information below about where to pick up free treasures as you have fun exploring. Dawn created a notecard to let you know about the adventures you can have on Once Upon A Time:  Explore the alchemy cave and touch the crystal ball for a fortune. Visit the hobbit house…

  • Become a Rascaly Varmint on Rascal Flats

    Rascal Flats is the greatly improved previous Weefolks Township. Snoots Dwagon has been building it on the DigiWorldz grid since June 2021. Snoots is known throughout the Metaverse for his humor and emphasis on having fun. That means Rascal Flats is FUN! Visit Rascal Flats on Varmints and join the group “Rascals” to become a Rascaly Varmint. Anyone can join the group to get notices of events and bits of wisdom for weefolks from Ossifer Snoots. Do you need a home? Contact Snoots Dwagon if you’d like to join the residents on Rascal Flats. Do you need a tiny avatar? Snoots is the one to see. He has free…

  • Sendalonde Library Grand Opening Exhibit Catalog

    Sendalonde Community Library

    [UPDATE: April 18, 2022] This Post refers to Sendalonde Library on Kitely. In late May 2021 we started moving Wellspring and the library to a Pro Server on DigiWorldz. The library has been rebuilt, though some of the collection of books still need importing. We will have a call for exhibition artists in the near future [summer 2022]. On May 8, 2021 we had the Grand Opening of the Sendalonde Community Library & Theater on Wellspring on the Kitely grid. At the same time, we had the first performance in the Sendalonde Theater and had our first exhibit Shipwrights of Kitely. Below is the exhibit catalog with a few…