• Emmalena Damour – A Major Clothes and Costume Maker

    Uptown Plaza inside EDD shop

    When I first encountered Emmalena Damour she was wearing a stunningly beautiful mermaid costume…one that she created. Her male friend was wearing a fabulous merman costume by Emmalena Damour Designs (~EDD~).  Emmalena was on Uptown Plaza to ask about leasing a shop, but as a prolific clothing and costume maker on DigiWorldz, she needed a larger shop than I had available. I quickly picked up a 1-story and put down a 2-story, which she leased. We are absolutely delighted to have this longtime clothier at Uptown Plaza. In this satellite location she sells mesh and classic clothing, swimsuits, lingerie, dresses, casual slacks and jeans, men’s suits and women’s formal gowns and…

  • The Multitalented Modee Parlez

    Back of LCSY shop with boats and Kraken

    The woman behind Modee Parlez in virtual worlds is at her core an artist. She is not only a superb builder of historical ships, maritime parts and musical instruments, she is a very patient and enabling teacher of Mesh. She opened Gallerie Modee (Modee’s Art Gallery) in our Steam City town last year for the DigiWorldz Art Crawl, which she has filled with drawings, sketches and paintings from her real life. A showcase of her builds—others call it a museum because of the quality and historical connection—is at Uptown Plaza. It is called LCSY (Loose Cannon Ship Yard). Modee describe’s what she sells as “content for role play such as ships and…

  • ShalHeira Nailo Dresses Dinkies

    front of Glamourpuss shop

    If you are a Dinkie* and want to dress in a particular role, like US Airforce Dress Blues, Cowgirl, The Joker, Arabian Nights, Jack Sparrow or a lot more that a Dinkie can dream of being, ShalHeira Nailo’s Glamourpuss at Uptown Plaza in DigiWorldz is the place to go. Shalheira has been an artist for 40 years and has been designing inworld for four years. Who Is ShalHeira Nailo? I’ve been involved with gaming for forty years. I began playing Online games about 15 years ago, starting with Aion, then World or Warcraft; which is where I met Artman Xue. He introduced me to virtual grids and started with InWorldz…

  • Uptown Plaza Shops and Galleries

    image of Uptown Plaza Center

    Uptown Plaza …is more than just a shopping area.  It has galleries, exhibits, displays, and is nice for simply visiting, strolling and exploring.   Nearby is Harbor Cafe, a place to sit and chat or use the dance machines. Here you will find shops from local artists and creators including: Featherburr by Prax Maryjasz, an exhibit of fine art DragonForge by Snoots Dwagon, a collection of his real life sketches and  paintings Proctor Photography by Alexina Proctor, a collection of her professional real life photos taken during travels. GlamourPuss by ShalHeira Nailo, a variety market of Dinkie Clothing Loose Cannon Ship Yard by Modee Parlez, an interesting exhibit of ships…

  • Snoots Dwagon – The Artist!

    DragonForge shop front

    Snoots Dwagon is mulitalented. What do you expect? Dwagons have two brains. His revised DragonForge shop on Uptown Plaza has a range of sketches and paintings he did in the real world. Who Is Snoots Dwagon? Snoots is a Dinkie Dwagon, about knee-high. I am a builder / creator, scripter, merchant, group founder, and created Rascal Flats on DigiWorldz. I’m also the owner of ElvenSong, Frankenstein and Replicant City on OSgrid. I’m a live performer specializing in Irish folk music, other music from around the world, and Filk (SF&F folk songs). I primarily create avatars (Tinies, Dinkies, and “Biggies”), spaceships and other sci-fi items, tools such as the DragonForge rezzer, and…

  • Artman Xue Opens at Uptown Plaza

    Cosplay Mesh store windows

    Artman Xue opened a branch shop of Cosplay Mesh today, a store of Mesh clothing for men and women. He also makes a few Mesh costumes and Mesh avatars. His product line is also listed as created by Avatar Creator and Brandi Moonwall. When asked how long he has been creating, he said, “I’ve been creating clothes since Second Life. I joined SL on 06/27/2008. That’s 14 years as a clothing professional. But I must say that I do learn something new everyday. There’s always upgrades and better, smarter, more efficient ways of doing things. Who Is Artman Xue? My avatar is Artman Xue, my real name is Arthur L.…

  • A Most Friendly Dwagon

    Snoots Dwagon and his 2022 awards

    Snoots Dwagon participated in Science Fiction Con 2022 (an event dedicated to Relay for Life), serving in roles including concierge and security. Snoots performed four live music shows during the event, including Irish folk music, original songs, and “Filk” (science fiction / fantasy folk songs). To his surprise at an Awards Ceremony following the Convention—an event he missed due to real life—he was presented with two awards:  “Most Friendly Person” and “Sci Fi Con Citizenship”. The Citizenship Award recognizes him as an official member of the event team. In addition to performing, he presented his AutoMonster creation at the car show (sales set to RFL) and assisted in the Jail…

  • Snoots Dwagon does Filk!

    Snoots Dwagon in Steampunk

    Sci Fi Con starts May 18, 2022 in Second Life. Exact locations will be posted after May 10. LIVE MUSIC SHOWS BY SNOOTS DWAGON! Snoots Does Filk! (Stage 2)    Friday, May 20  2:00 – 3:00pm Snoots Does Filk! (Hub Stage)  Saturday, May 21  7:00 – 8:00pm Almost Irish with Snoots Dwagon (Stage 2)  Wednesday, May 25  11:00am – 12:00pm.  Almost Irish is a show Snoots has performed for many years, which includes “ancient traditional Irish folk songs, many of which I’ve written meself.” Snoots Does Filk! (Hub Stage) Saturday, May 28  7:00 – 8:00pm The above post was taken from http://elfclan.spruz.com/pt/UPCOMING-EVENTS/blog.htm For the definition of Filk, see above link.