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Wellspring logo

We live on Wellspring, a 64-region world (64 sims) where one can be what one wants, which might be a dwagon, a dinkie or a human. There are many roles. 

We have visited many virtual worlds and when we are not working on Wellspring, we love exploring  Discovery Grid, Utopia Skye Grid, OsGrid, Kitely and Second Life, or one of the other 100s of grids. We decided to settle in DigiWorldz, a well-managed grid that has been around as a grid since at least 2015. We started moving Wellspring  from our previous grid to a powerful Pro Server when we got our new four 4x4VARS (a 4×4 VAR is 16 regions/sims  without region boundaries—just one huge piece of land) on May 24, 2021.

The regions are broken into four 4×4 varregions: Sendalonde, Fantasy and Magic, Varmints and Wellspring Uptown. We refer to the total as our Wellspring world. It is open to grid hoppers from other open grids. We are listed on OpenSimworld.

This blog is about our adventures and announcements of events on our world or our grid hopping  travels. The postings will be by Alexina Proctor (aka Heather Ebey), Snoots Dwagon and Prax Maryjasz.