Poestry circle poems by Snoots
Snoots Dwagon

The Value of Virtual Worlds

I was watching an anime series and they said something that really struck me. The anime was about a photography club that was planning on hosting a public event to display their works. One of the characters said something interesting:

“We enjoy photography and in our club we make friendships. But the real value of the photographs is in making people happy when they view them.”

It struck me that our virtual worlds are very similar. We gain enjoyment from our friendships and projects that we create and host, but like a photograph…once it’s done we gain joy from display and events and seeing the happiness our creations bring others. When someone visits Wellspring Uptown or Sendalonde or Rascal Flats or Fantasy [regions on Wellspring]…whether we’re there to witness it or not, for a moment we help them forget the stress and pain of real life and enjoy the world we’ve created for them.

That’s how I feel about Replicant City and ElvenSong, and the same applies to Wellspring.  It is all a huge 3D photograph sitting there for someone to look at and enjoy—or a collection of photographs, if you will. It reflects our creativity, and it brings happiness to others.

It is our mark upon this world, however small and virtual it may be.