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Tari Tari, Jeweler, Comes To Uptown Plaza

We are delighted to announce Tari Tari brought her jewelry shop Tari’s Creations to Uptown Plaza in Wellspring Uptown on DigiWorldz. She had been on DigiWorldz for nearly five years. She writes in her profile, “I am here for fun, relaxation, and of course being creative. I love being a part of Digiworldz there is so much to see and do here. How could anyone ever get bored? Check my picks for more info.”


Alexina: How did you get started creating and how long have you been creating?

profile picture Tari on DigiWorlds
Tari Tari in DigiWorldz

Tari: I started creating in Second Life in 2007. I first started building homes and commercial builds. I have created many things mostly for my use: furniture, food, buildings, flex hair, clothing and more. I would say I have created anything you can make out of a prim from the largest piece to the smallest tiny prim. I woke up one day and decided I like jewelry. So I started on my road to twisting and torturing prims to make jewelry. I am learning mesh these days so we shall see.

Alexina: I love many of the hairstyles on the models in your vendor photos. Can you tell me more about them?

Tari: Some of my models came from Second Life with me to OpenSim. Hairs on most were purchased or donated by the creators in Second Life. Most of the photos come from Second Life. The newer items I created in DigiWorldz. I did the photoshoots inworld. I do all my own photography for the packages. There are so many hair creators to mention and I would have to go back and do research. In some of my packages in Digiworldz I have added a notecard giving credits to the creators and designers of clothing, hair, shoes, makeup, etc. who supplied and dressed up my models.

More About Tari

Profile of Nefertari321 in Second Life
Nefertari321 in Second Life

She goes by Tari Tari in DigiWorldz and Nefertari321 Resident in Second Life.

In the Tari Creations group about, she writes, “I started Tari’s Creations in Second Life and then decided to come to OpenSim. My creations are originals that I built myself starting with a single prim, twisting, bending, shaping and joining prims.”

Recently Tari took on the leadership of Metaverse University (MVU) in DigiWorldz where she is Education Director. She is also currently teaching a class called “EZ Prim Building with Tari Tari” on Monday afternoons. Check the Metaverse University calendarFrom the about, “Metaverse University of DigiWorldz provides virtual world education to users around the globe. Learn building, texturing, scripting, region management, real-life program skills, and so much more. Come visit our campus and see what we have to offer. Be part of a community of higher education today!”. Location of MVU on DigiCenter: hop://

She owns the Nefetari Resort Hotel at the Nefertari Beach Resort. They provide free lodging and entertainment at the hotel. They have beautiful sunsets th

Additionally, she is the organizer for the annual DigiWorldz Awards. The next awards ceremony will be in March 2023. The event is very formal as you can see in the following photographs of the First Annual DigiWorldz Awards. You can learn more about the annual awards from the blog posting by Emmalena Damour for the First Annual DigiWorldz Awards announcement

Where to Purchase Tari’s Creations

  • Uptown Plaza on Wellspring Uptown on DigiWorldz grid
    hop:// Uptown/354/684/25
  • Main store at Nefertari Beach Resort on DigiWorldz grid
    hop:// Beach Resort/319/288/4007
  • Second Life Marketplace
    Second Life Marketplace website