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The Multitalented Modee Parlez

The woman behind Modee Parlez in virtual worlds is at her core an artist. She is not only a superb builder of historical ships, maritime parts and musical instruments, she is a very patient and enabling teacher of Mesh. She opened Gallerie Modee (Modee’s Art Gallery) in our Steam City town last year for the DigiWorldz Art Crawl, which she has filled with drawings, sketches and paintings from her real life.

A showcase of her builds—others call it a museum because of the quality and historical connection—is at Uptown Plaza. It is called LCSY (Loose Cannon Ship Yard). Modee describe’s what she sells as “content for role play such as ships and cannons” and “full perm Mesh for nautical projects for builders”. She has been creating in the Metaverse for about six years.

Who Is Modee Parlez, In Her Own Words

profile photo Modee Parlez
Modee Parlez

Hello dear reader! Where to start? I am not so different from you. 😀 I just had the luck to be able to develop my skills and use them in my life. As a young girl I was not interested in art at all! I wanted to be a secretary. Little did I know until a force of nature made me change my lifestyle. I got involved in all sorts of art and creative processes from Advertising, Industrial Design, Photography to Fashion Designs. Art became a hobby and in my works here you can see how I grew.

And then I discovered Virtual Worlds! That opened a totally new direction that I always wanted to try. 3D came within reach! So now I mainly design content like ships and other objects for role playing and I really enjoy it.

What Else Does She Do?

She runs fun and challenging sea battles on her Loose Cannon region on Discovery Grid on Tuesdays and Fridays, 4pm-5pm grid time. Prax Maryjasz and I went on a private tour on one of her ships and she let us use the cannons to blow up town buildings!

Modee’s Discovery Grid region

Battle Group DG on Discovery Grid:
“The Battle Group is open to all that want to role play mainly 17th-18th century Pirates, Navy, Privateers, and other such folk what want to explore life of the times. This where we call fer epic Battles, Parties and conspicuous consumption of rum. The group is free ta Join, but hard ta leave.”

Where To Buy LCSY Products

Modee Parlez also does on demand builds and modifications.

More Connections

Gallerie Modee (Modee’s Art Gallery on region Varmints in Steam City on DigiWorldz):

Upcoming Fun

viva la france poster
Poster for Viva la France

Modee sponsors Vive la France.  This year it is Saturday, 16 July 2022, 4-6pm grid time on Loose Cannon on Discovery Grid. A once a year all French World Music. Berets, wine, garlic and baguettes available. Join us for 2 hours of great fun.  Tourists welcome!

Where: hop://
DJ: Xazha Halsey

Upcoming Class by Modee Blender 4 Beginners

Modee Parlez is teaching a B4B class starting Wednesday, 3 August 2022, 4-5pm grid time on Discovery Grid.

b4b build osfest
B4B build at OSFest2022

She writes, “You always wanted to created content but Blender was too steep? Well come join us and learn!” I can testify to her teaching skills and patience. She taught me the skill of doing a convex hull. I needed this so that people could walk into a home that was built with Mesh but had no complex hull. Also, It really lowers the land impact. At OSfest 2022, she has a B4B region, Parcel157 on Unobtanium, where she shows two small builds. One is 16LI and the one with the convex hull is 1LI. She placed a B4B box of tools at OSFest 2022 and there are also four tutorials you can do to learn more basics of building. They are

  • simple way to save on colors
  • using the knife tool
  • making a plant group
  • making a simple table

Before the class, you need to download Blender version 2.78a,b or c or 2.79. She says these are the best for beginners.

There are three builds there that show work done by past students of this B4B class.

B4B location on grid:

YouTube Parcel157 build by Modee –  tutorials B4B – YouTube by Michael McHugh

YouTube player

YouTube – Parcel 142 build at OpenSimFest in video by Michael McHugh

YouTube player