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ShalHeira Nailo Dresses Dinkies

If you are a Dinkie* and want to dress in a particular role, like US Airforce Dress Blues, Cowgirl, The Joker, Arabian Nights, Jack Sparrow or a lot more that a Dinkie can dream of being, ShalHeira Nailo’s Glamourpuss at Uptown Plaza in DigiWorldz is the place to go.

Shalheira has been an artist for 40 years and has been designing inworld for four years.

Who Is ShalHeira Nailo?

Shalheira Nailo as Dinkie
ShalHeira Nailo, Glamourpuss owner

I’ve been involved with gaming for forty years. I began playing Online games about 15 years ago, starting with Aion, then World or Warcraft; which is where I met Artman Xue. He introduced me to virtual grids and started with InWorldz grid. Of course that grid shut down unfortunately, just when I was getting the knack of building and creating. 

Then we found DigiWorldz and I had to relearn how to create all over again because when InWorldz shutdown I took a two year break. I now build commercial and residential buildings, create my own costumes for contests which led me into costume creation for Dinkies–after learning there weren’t very many costumes available. I fell in love with creating those. I am often asked to create for human avatars, but I specialize in Dinkies.

CityScape Pavillion mall is in a region I own and it has several stores there for rent; including one of the newest night clubs in DigiWorldz: The Rave Night Club. Art and I also own a beach club called Bahama Breeze Cove that is a very popular hangout on weekends, The Catnip Brewery (a Dinkie exclusive club on Weelandia) and a roller skating rink. 

In real life I lived in Florida 30 years. While there I managed Wolf Camera retail stores, selling cameras, for 15 yrs and the Sony retail store for 5 yrs. The biggest reason I enjoy playing DigiWorldz is because of the social aspect that is at times very difficult to have in real life. The happiness I can give to others after creating an outfit, or hosting a fun event at the clubs bring so much joy to my life.

Shop Location

DigiWorldz hypergrid location: hop://
If you are on DigiWorldz, go to “Wellspring Uptown” (392,713,25)

*Dinkie: A virtual world small animal / creature that stands upright. They come in a variety of furs. Developed by Etheria Parrott and sold by her on Second Life and on Utopia Skye Grid (OpenSim).