DragonForge shop front
Shopping,  Snoots Dwagon,  Uptown Plaza,  Wellspring

Snoots Dwagon – The Artist!

Snoots Dwagon is mulitalented. What do you expect? Dwagons have two brains. His revised DragonForge shop on Uptown Plaza has a range of sketches and paintings he did in the real world.

Who Is Snoots Dwagon?

full height image of Snoots Dwagon
Snoots Dwagon, owner of DragonForge

Snoots is a Dinkie Dwagon, about knee-high.

I am a builder / creator, scripter, merchant, group founder, and created Rascal Flats on DigiWorldz. I’m also the owner of ElvenSong, Frankenstein and Replicant City on OSgrid. I’m a live performer specializing in Irish folk music, other music from around the world, and Filk (SF&F folk songs). I primarily create avatars (Tinies, Dinkies, and “Biggies”), spaceships and other sci-fi items, tools such as the DragonForge rezzer, and whatever strikes my fancy.  Dwagons have two brains, one of which is solely dedicated to searching for nahmy foods like cookies, pizza and cookies.

His shop is located in Uptown Plaza, on the Wellspring Uptown region on the DigiWorldz grid.
hop://login.digiworldz.com:8002/Wellspring Uptown/324/681/25

His DragonForge store on Second Life is on the Cathedral sim. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cathedral/24/219/33/

He has been creating products for virtual worlds since 2005. He has a Second Life store at   https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/13022