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Uptown Plaza Shops and Galleries

Uptown Plaza …is more than just a shopping area.  It has galleries, exhibits, displays, and is nice for simply visiting, strolling and exploring.   Nearby is Harbor Cafe, a place to sit and chat or use the dance machines.

Here you will find shops from local artists and creators including:

  • Featherburr by Prax Maryjasz, an exhibit of fine art
  • DragonForge by Snoots Dwagon, a collection of his real life sketches and  paintings
  • Proctor Photography by Alexina Proctor, a collection of her professional real life photos taken during travels.
  • GlamourPuss by ShalHeira Nailo, a variety market of Dinkie Clothing
  • Loose Cannon Ship Yard by Modee Parlez, an interesting exhibit of ships and related items. (Beware the Kraken out by the ships!)
  • Cosplay Mesh by Artman Xue, a store with standard-size mesh clothing for men and women, for those fancy excursions
  • … and more as new stores come in.
Uptown Plaza is an interesting and fun place to explore and spend some time with friends.  it’s constantly under development, so return often to see what’s new.

Interested in a Shop?

We have a notecard giver at the Leasing Office in Uptown Plaza. We are open to the Hypergrid, so people from other grids may buy your items. Because of the fullperm scripting requirement, once an item leaves DigiWorldz (see below), we are recommending that people use signs referring to Kitely market—or have only non-scripted items for sale. Or, you can choose to simply set up a display or exhibit without sales involved.

GLOEBITs is enabled on Uptown Plaza. We run Bullet physics and XEngine script engine.

There are several shop sizes. We also have a cute small store next to the Harbor Cafe.

Note on DigiWorldz Script Culling

According to company policy, items that contain scripts cannot be used outside of DigiWorldz Grid. DigiWorldz “script strips” such items, reportedly in an effort to limit copybotting. This is especially important to know when purchasing an avatar or other devices which may contain AOs, HUDs or other devices necessary to the function of the item. (Non-scripted items may still be exported. We have no explanation for this, as such items would be just as open to copybotting.)  So be aware when purchasing scripted items that they will only work on DigiWorldz- especially no-modify scripts, which can neither be re-scripted nor even re-compiled outside of DigiWorldz.

Despite these issues, we hope you will enjoy exploring Uptown Plaza. It’s a comfortable, enjoyable environment with several exhibits and stores by talented creators.

Getting to Uptown Plaza

From other grids: Uptown/294/681/25.

On DigiWorldz, just use “Wellspring Uptown” location (294,681,25).

—This posting was updated for clarity by Snoots Dwagon, July 1, 2022.