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Artman Xue Opens at Uptown Plaza

Artman Xue opened a branch shop of Cosplay Mesh today, a store of Mesh clothing for men and women. He also makes a few Mesh costumes and Mesh avatars. His product line is also listed as created by Avatar Creator and Brandi Moonwall.

When asked how long he has been creating, he said, “I’ve been creating clothes since Second Life. I joined SL on 06/27/2008. That’s 14 years as a clothing professional. But I must say that I do learn something new everyday. There’s always upgrades and better, smarter, more efficient ways of doing things.

Who Is Artman Xue?

Image of Artman Xue
Artman Xue – Cosplay Mesh Owner

My avatar is Artman Xue, my real name is Arthur L. Bain. I’ve lived in Tennessee all my life and have always had a love for gaming of some form or fashion. I started Second Life back in 2008 and had an interest in clothing design. I’m an artist by nature and took art in grammar school because it was required; then I finished all 4 years of high school with art being a major, My art teacher in high school was born without arms or legs, and he’s very talented. He has a painting of Elvis in the Graceland mansion that he painted using a paintbrush held with just his teeth. Might I say it is truly a masterpiece. After high school I took up art professionally, doing odd jobs here and there until I got my break.

I’ve been published twice as an artist for children’s books, both cover art and work on the inside of the books. I was also commissioned for an adult graphic book (cover only). My biggest commission was for Wild Mind Comics; I designed the cover art for the first issue “The UnNaturals”. So drawing and designing clothes came easily to me in the game of SL. I worked real jobs throughout the years, factories mainly. I was driving for FedEx a couple years ago and had a stroke, it was mid-July and extremely hot. I’m fine now except for a small speech impediment. Overall I love virtual worlds and the joy I can bring folks with my creations.

Shop Location

It is located on the DigiWorldz grid at Uptown Plaza on the Wellspring Uptown region.

SLURL: hop://

Other Avatars

Alts Avatar Creator and Brandi Moonwall also create for Cosplay Mesh.

Brandi Moonwall
Brandi Moonwall
Avatar Creator image
Avatar Creator