Snoots Dwagon and his 2022 awards
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A Most Friendly Dwagon

Snoots Dwagon
participated in Science Fiction Con 2022 (an event dedicated to Relay for Life), serving in roles including concierge and security. Snoots performed four live music shows during the event, including Irish folk music, original songs, and “Filk” (science fiction / fantasy folk songs). To his surprise at an Awards Ceremony following the Convention—an event he missed due to real life—he was presented with two awards:  “Most Friendly Person” and “Sci Fi Con Citizenship”.

Text of citizenship award
Text on Citizenship award

The Citizenship Award recognizes him as an official member of the event team.

In addition to performing, he presented his AutoMonster creation at the car show (sales set to RFL) and assisted in the Jail & Bail events.

If you missed his Second Life performances, Snoots is performing in OpenSim Festival 2022 (OSFest 2022) and on Digiworldz. For more details, watch his events postings at

In his not so spare time he has also built a couple of exhibits at OSFest 2022, is helping Alexina with LSL scripting at her OSFest exhibit for Wellspring and the Sendalonde Community Library, and acts as board member for Wellspring and the Library. OSFest opens July 8th. For more information and to register, see

Snoots is not sure what all that is about, because (according to the dwagon), “After a month of Fantasy Faire and then Raglan Shire Art Walk and then Sci Fi Con… both my brains is fried.” Snoots says he cherishes the Most Friendly Person award “more than a best builder or best scripter award, because being friendly with people is what is all about, yups?”