Overhead view of Wellspring
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Wellspring Overview

Welcome Creatives! That sums up Prax Maryjasz’s and my dream for Wellspring. Wellspring is the equivalent of 64 regions (aka sims) located on the DigiWorldz grid. We started the move to DigiWorldz in late May 2021. We have 12 residents or shop owners and are looking for more creative and gentle souls. Below explains how Wellspring is laid out and our goals.

On DigiWorldz we have a Pro Server that we don’t share with other regions.

We are also going to have our own direct login with avatar options for new accounts. The entry point for new accounts will be Sendalonde, right next to the Terraport Center, which has TP signs going to all the most interesting and fun areas.

We refer to the whole world as Wellspring.  Wellspring is broken into four 4×4 varregions. A 4×4 varregion is the equivalent of 16 regions (sims), but without sim boundaries. With four 4×4 VARS we have the equivalent of 64 regions that can be subdivided in any way needed.  We have 240,000 prims allowed on each 4×4.

Layout of Wellspring

Our layout when reading clockwise from the upper left 4×4:
  • Wellspring Uptown – modern residences—good friends are living here—a shopping area with a freebie store, Modee Parlez’s Loose Cannon showroom, Snoots Dwagon’s DragonForge, Prax Maryjasz’s Featherburr, a freebie store, and the Proctor Gallery—a selection of photography by the real life Alexina. We also have an Airport and a Yacht Club that we are still building.
  • Sendalonde – home of the renowned Sendalonde Community Library, Museum of Metaverse Art (Prax and I lost almost all the art we collected, but we are starting to fill it again from our travels around the Hypergrid), the intimate Library Theater, Welcome Center, the very useful Terraport Center—Landmark this one!—and the soon to be completed Wellspring Performance Center. 
  • Fantasy & Magic Dawn Greymyst’s charming Once Upon a Time, the magician Tuna Oddfellow’s Oddfellow Ball performance building, a year-around ice skating pond with free ice skates and castles in progress.
  • VarmintsRascal Flats, Steam City with a Steampunk freebie store, Thirsty Varmint Tavern, the Vardo Camp and Victorian residences.

We run Bullet physics and XEngine. UbODE broke too many building and we don’t have time to fix them right now.

Shopkeepers link to their goods on Kitely Market. Kitely Market will deliver to your DigiWorldz avatar on DigiWorldz.

Goals for Wellspring

  • Create a serene and beautiful environment for visitors and residents
  • Foster a safe community
  • Provide free land for creatives to build interesting / beautiful / fun regions
  • Sponsor fun events, particularly on Varmints (home of Rascal Flats), at the Sendalonde Community Library, the Library Theater and the soon to be completed Wellspring Performance Center.
  • Grow the Sendalonde Community Library with artist exhibits based on book themes
The world is Hypergrid connected. I created two entries on OpenSimworld: Varmints and Sendalonde.
OpenSimworld image of entries
OpenSimworld entries for Wellspring
The HG Safari group <https://www.facebook.com/groups/hgsafari/> is scheduled to visit us on October 5, 2022.

Alexina has been working and creating in virtual worlds since she joined Second Life on October 6, 2006 to prepare for teaching a class of SJSU School of Information graduate students about virtual worlds. She continued on to found the Sendalonde Community Library in virtual worlds with the help of Prax Maryjasz and many others. Retired now, she loves creating and providing a virtual environment for others to enjoy and have fun.

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