Left side facing library
Sendalonde,  Sendalonde Library

Sendalonde Library…once again

It took time and some pieces were lost in the move, but the Sendalonde Community Library, originally built by master builder Strand Starsider on InWorldz, is ready for you. It is located in the Hypergrid-connected region of Sendalonde on the DigiWorld grid.

Book direction signs
Library direction signs

We are so grateful for Dawn Greymyst and Amvans Lapiz, who recreated all the books, a massive undertaking.

There are more than books! We have a couple of inworld flip books of past events. There is the Dwagon Reading Room. There may be canisters of cookies hidden about the building for our Tiny visitors. The Cafe is ready. We are starting to put up posters of places you can visit in our 64 regions, on DigiWorldz and throughout the Hypergrid.

Library cafe
Library Cafe. Coffee is available

We plan to have events including the very popular invited artists exhibition based on a book theme. The call for artist applications will go out as soon as we have finished the landscaping and the Library Board has decided on the theme. The board members are Alexina Proctor, Prax Maryjasz and Snoots Dwagon.

On the first floor is a cozy reading and chatting room with several grouped seating areas and a big fireplace created by Prax Maryjasz.

Library first floor fireplace with seating by Prax Maryjasz

At the rear of this reading room is the Sendalonde Theater, built by Snoots Dwagon. He also scripted a control box to open and close the curtains, separately adjust stage and auditorium lights, and change the intensity and color of stage lights. We are ready for performers. Please contact Snoots Dwagon if interested in performing here. We will take care of the promotion of your act and Snoots knows about sound. If someone wishes to revive the Sendalonde Players group from InWorldz, we have set up the group and would be delighted to hear your ideas.

Wander around the grounds. Outside the theater door at the right side of the library you will find Poetry by Snoots in his Poetry Circle.

Further left you can see the Terraport Center. This houses TP signs that will take you around major points of interest on our mini-grid. It also has a TP sign for all the active Hypergrid destinations listed on https://opensimworld.com/