Image of Hogwarts Great Hall
Fantasy & Magic,  Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time – A fantasy region

Once Upon A Time is a beautiful region on Wellspring on the DigiWorldz grid. The region was created by Dawn Greymyst, who is well known for her realistic builds on virtual worlds. We are honored that she created this wonderful storybook land on a region on our Fantasy and Magic 4×4 varregion.

A pond with geese on Once Upon A Time

There are direction signs throughout the region. Click a sign for a notecard  that gives out the information below about where to pick up free treasures as you have fun exploring.

Dawn created a notecard to let you know about the adventures you can have on Once Upon A Time: 

  • Explore the alchemy cave and touch the crystal ball for a fortune.
  • Visit the hobbit house and find Bilbo’s sword Sting.
  • Dance with the fae in the Mushroom Circle.
  • Relax and reflect at the stone basin in the Fantasy Forest.
  • Visit the Emerald pavilion and click the elven cape for a leaf brooch.
  • Get sorted in the Great Hall and receive an Elder Wand.
  • Somewhere along the paths, retrieve the sword from the stone.
  • Read a tale of fantasy at the Storybook Castle.
  • Peek into the gnome cavern and accept a pair of wrist cuffs.
  • Discover the gingerbread house in the Enchanted Woods and take a candy cane.
  • Search for the One Ring in Smaug’s lair.
  • Roast sausages in the ruins on Weathertop.
  • Take a copy of Saruman’s staff at Isengard tower.