Rascal Flats,  Varmints

Become a Rascaly Varmint on Rascal Flats

Rascal Flats is the greatly improved previous Weefolks Township. Snoots Dwagon has been building it on the DigiWorldz grid since June 2021. Snoots is known throughout the Metaverse for his humor and emphasis on having fun. That means Rascal Flats is FUN!

Greedy table game
Greedy table game in The Game Hive

Visit Rascal Flats on Varmints and join the group “Rascals” to become a Rascaly Varmint. Anyone can join the group to get notices of events and bits of wisdom for weefolks from Ossifer Snoots.

Do you need a home? Contact Snoots Dwagon if you’d like to join the residents on Rascal Flats.

Do you need a tiny avatar? Snoots is the one to see. He has free tiny avatars on the market carts at the landing point.

Snoots also has Dwagon avatars in his DragonForge store at Wellspring Uptown: <login.digiworldz.com:8002/Wellspring%20Uptown/316/686/25>

Rascal Flats Racetrack

Do you want to drive a challenging racetrack? Snoots put out rezzable cars for you to drive around the track. The image above shows one monster you will encounter on your way around the track.

Do you like games? Check out The Game Hive.

Have you heard of the “Rabid Pink Pirates” group? There is a Pirate Cove just off Rascal Flats. When you land at Rascal Flats, turn around and walk west through an entrance guarded by a Stomping Monster and Godzilla. Be very careful and do not touch and awaken them. You have been warned!

Look at our Rascal Flats page for more details.