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Sendalonde Library Grand Opening Exhibit Catalog

[UPDATE: April 18, 2022] This Post refers to Sendalonde on Kitely. In late May 2021 we started moving Wellspring and the library to a Pro Server on Digiworldz. The library has been rebuilt, though some of the collection of books still need importing. We will have a call for exhibit artists in the near future.

On May 8, 2021 we had the Grand Opening of the Sendalonde Community Library & Theater on Wellspring on the Kitely grid. At the same time, we had the first performance in the Sendalonde Theater and had our first exhibit Shipwrights of Kitely.

Below is the exhibit catalog with a few snapshots from our two events and a short overview of the Sendalonde Community Library and the Wellspring world.

Alexina has been working and creating in virtual worlds since she joined Second Life on October 6, 2006 to prepare for teaching a class of SJSU School of Information graduate students about virtual worlds. She continued on to found the Sendalonde Community Library in virtual worlds with the help of Prax Maryjasz and many others. Retired now, she loves creating and providing a virtual environment for others to enjoy and have fun.

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