Wellspring on Kitely

[Update April 18, 2022] This is an historical blog post. We have moved Wellspring to a Pro Server “grid-within-a-grid” model partitioned into four 4×4 varregions. We still have the same things, but have resources for much more. when we rebuilt, we reorganized and improved. We are looking for virtual world creative builders who are interested in being part of our growth. That is, do you have an idea that you would like to implement? Send Alexina a notecard and we will discuss it at the next board meeting. 

Wellspring is a 64-region world of contrasts. There are Victorian, Steampunk, Fantasy, two regions for Weefolk, vardo camp, long tunnels and caves, and an underwater fantasy. There is also a year round ice rink with free skates and skating AO, waterways for boating with a rezzable cardboard boat for you to sail (it will not sink),  parks, several freebie stores and the famed Sendalonde Community Library that was once well known on InWorldz and beyond. Hogwarts Great Hall built by Dawn Greymyst is in the Fantasy and Magic area. 

Wellspring is lag free and runs on a dedicated server.  On January 31, 2021 we upgraded to an AWAYS-ON world, so there will be no waiting for the world to start on demand. You can now teleport directly to Wellspring without waiting in the transfer station. 

Wellspring merchants are developing products for Dinkies and Tinies. Merchants Ada Radius and DragonForge have created new Tiny avatars. See Chompy, NiteBite Dwagon and DragonForge Dwagon on Kitely Market: https://www.kitely.com/market 

Wellspring is currently running ODE physics. Both BulletSim and Ubode broke too many things.

Flying Ikran may hover near you. Yeriks walk about. You can ride the underwater turtles or the swimming beast if you can find one. 

World building started 12 September 2019 by Alexina Proctor and Prax MaryjaszDawn Greymyst and Amvans Lapis created the books in the library. Dwagon Snoots Dwagon, who manages Weefolk Township, built part of the Township, the stage at the Sendalonde Library, and developed the ideas for the Terraport Center, Welcome Center and other things that Prax and Alexina needed. 

We have many ideas to make this a really fun G-rated world, but need people with energy, virtual world building and scripting experience and artistic vision to help build Wellspring. Being retired, we don’t have spare funds to pay, but maybe we can work out something appealing to you in addition to recognition for your help.

Our founding merchants are: Ada Radius, DragonForge, Featherburr, Loose Cannon Ship Yard, and Nebby’s Naturals.  We accept new merchants who do quality work, have G-rated, items, and who do not conflict with our founding merchants. There is no cost for a store or art gallery.