Dance Pavillion
Weefolk Township

What’s Up At Weefolk Township?

This post refers to what is now Rascal Flats on our new grid location. Ossifer Snoots Dwagon is still in charge. He has been working hard to add even more exciting fun to this community.

Rides! Dancing! Homes to live in for free — what a deal! Free Weefolk avatars brought to you by Ossifer Snoots Dwagon! Community! Fun! Come visit us and join the Weefolk Township group if you want to hear about the parties (secret except to those who join the group).

We are building a community of Weefolk. What are Weefolk you ask? According to Snoots Dwagon, “Tiny, Dinkie, Wee and Teenies are terms used for small avatars in virtual worlds, usually thigh-high or smaller.” You can read the backstory at–What-are-Tinies/blog.htm

The Weefolk Township opened for business in early September 2020. Snoots has been working all hours of the day and night–yes, saw him on at 3:00am when I check the logs–to make this an exciting adventure for you. He, a fierce dwagon of international fame, has more fun things he is working on for you that I have sworn to say nothing about or “be bitten about the knees and ankles”. 😂


  • full height image of Snoots Dwagon

    Snoots Dwagon

    I never threatened to ban anyone. Musta been dat big ol’ Sea Dragon. He been pretty ornery and sneaking up on peoples.

    To step OOC for a moment: Cheers to Alexina and Prax for sponsoring Weefolk Township. This was a very coincidental surprise project. When I heard the Sendalonde Library was being rebuilt on Kitely I messaged Alexina asking if they needed any help rebuilding it (I was honored to be one of those involved with the wondrous build on Inworldz before that grid’s shutdown). I was surely surprised when she asked me if I would be interested in creating a Wee-based town on some land she had set aside.

    I had no idea where to begin, but amazingly the project just sort of fell together. One of the wonderful things about the hypergrid is the incredible resources available once one starts searching. Several days and some buildings, trees, roadways and a whole-lotta-scripting later, we had a township.

    The township contains free avatars, including the popular Kitty Dinkys as well as a few of the vintage Wishbringer tinies– all free to anyone who wants one (they’re to the left of the Township entry point).

    Weefolk Township is located on Wellsprings world on Kitely. We have (currently) nine free homes to those who want to center their activities around being a tiny. It’s a fun area with wonderful houses, some fun rides, freebies and even a retro diner for meeting and eating!

    Welcome everyone; there’s now a tiny community on Kitely. Thanks to Alex and Prax for sponsoring the land. But we need YOU to form the population! : )

    — Snoots

    • Alexina

      Snoots, we are so delighted to have you and Weefolk on Wellspring. I was just joking when I said you would ban me—should have done a Smiley. 😀 I love how you are constantly working on fun things for everyone to do and adding your combined biggie/tiny sits so that everyone can enjoy the fun rides. Wow, what a great collection of cars and trucks that can use all the roads I built. With 16 regions (sims), that is a lot of walking, so the vehicles and boats are a welcome addition.